Robert K. Adair, Member of the National Academy of Sciences and Yale University Sterling Professor Emeritus of Physics died in Hamden on September 28, 2020 aged 96. — New Haven Register, October 3, 2020.

I first met Bob Adair in 2003, when, at the suggestion of a colleague,¹ I wrote to him regarding the biophysics of human exposure to “extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields,” or ELF-EMF, or simply EMF. Ever since a study had appeared in 1979 suggesting that children in homes located in proximity to power lines had increased rates of cancer, the question of a pervasive threat from EMF…

Thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic in the light of other health risks

The coronavirus outbreak, now a pandemic spreading at an exponential rate throughout the world, is upending our routines, certainties, and assumptions about normal life. It is a stress test that exposes the vulnerabilities and inequalities in our polity and our ability to confront a threat that could kill hundreds of thousands of people and cripple the economy for months to come.

We have not experienced a situation like the present one with COVID-19 in our lifetime — and not since 1918 Spanish flu.

It’s to be noted that the threat stems not from technology but from the age-old practice of…

Looking south to Leblon and the Two Brothers Mountain (2010)

In May 2010 I arrived in Rio for a ten-day book tour to publicize the Portuguese translation of my book Hyping Health Risks. After an overnight flight, I arrived at my hotel before noon and had just enough time to get unpacked, shower, and go for a walk before my host Professor Renato Veras was to pick me up for lunch at a seafood restaurant on the beach in Copacabana. The hotel, the Marina Palace, was in the Leblon section to the south of Rio’s long beachfront. …

Louis Malle, Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory. Photo: Richard Avedon

My encounter with Andre Gregory

We tend to stay in our groove, navigating the crowds and the maze of the city, seamlessly avoiding contact. This is especially so in the subway, where we go to great lengths to avoid making eye contact.

One day in the early 1990s I took the risk of breaching the normal boundaries. …

Geoffrey Kabat

I am an epidemiologist and author, who tries to clarify what science has to say about threats to our health and the environment.

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